Our Mother's Day card to Florida lawmakers
  • May 07, 2021

Our Mother's Day card to Florida lawmakers

Traditionally, Mother's Day is a day in which moms are showered with attention and gifts to demonstrate appreciation and respect for the critical role they play in their families and communities. We thought it would also be a good opportunity to reach out to our elected officials, share our concerns about cannabis prohibition, and let them know what we and many other Florida moms want for Mother's Day this year — support for legalization!

Early this morning, we delivered an e-card to every member of the Florida Senate and House of Representatives. It's included below, or you can view/download a PDF online.

Like any good Mother's Day card, it's adorned with flowers and features a thoughtful poem that conveys our sentiments. It also attempts to find common ground with those who are still on the fence by highlighting our shared goals of protecting children and improving public safety. We realize an unsolicited email from a stranger is unlikely to result in any instant converts. But hearing these messages repeatedly over time can make a difference, especially if they're echoed by trusted colleagues, friends, or family members.

If you enjoy our Mother's Day card, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks! And if you have a mom who is still unsure about legalization, consider using it as an icebreaker — just let her know it's an issue you feel strongly about, you understand her concerns, and you hope she'll continue to give it some thought.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 


Mother's Day Card Header - Dear Florida Lawmakers

This weekend Florida will celebrate mothers
for all that we do for our families and others.
No need for flowers, cards, gifts, or applause,
this year all we ask: please consider our cause.

Protecting our children is no easy mission,
which is why all us moms want to end prohibition.
Let’s legalize cannabis, adopt regulations,
and join in the progress that’s sweeping the nation.

End needless arrests, which create records that last,
and repair the damage they caused in the past.
Take sales off the street, where they may lead to violence,
and put them in stores that are specially licensed.

Every poll on this plan finds our state’s full of takers,
yet backing’s still lacking among many lawmakers.
We know you share our goal of preventing harm
and also that bold change can trigger alarm.
But decades of forcing this plant underground
has proven unpopular, unsafe, and unsound.

A legalized market for adults will have perks,
and experience shows us regulation works.
We learned this when we repealed booze prohibition
and now see it in states with the laws we envision.

Please check out our website, become a supporter,
and work with us toward a safer, more equitable Florida.

Mother's Day Card Footer - Flowers